Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Railway Man

This is one of those films whose content could never be guessed from the title.

Eric Lomax was a railway enthusiast. He was also a solder at the fall of Singapore during the Second World War, and suffered terribly at the hands of the Japanese as a POW. In particular he suffered at the hands of one officer who was responsible for torturing him.

Later in life, perhaps 20 or so years [actually over 50 years later and in very different circumstances from those portrayed in the film - I have now read the book!], he is given the opportunity to meet this man again, having been urged by a fellow ex-POW to kill the man. He discovers him acting as a tour guide around the former POW camp.

The film follows how not revenge but forgiveness takes place.

It is a powerful film, aided by a strong performance by Colin Firth as Lomax (who died in 2012, his Japanese former enemy, but by then close friend, in 2011). Nicole Kidman plays his patient and loving wife.

It makes one think - 'how could one ever forgive someone who did that...?' No Christian motives are expressed in the film. I have not read the book and have no idea what religious beliefs Lomax had if any. The healing power of forgiveness however is movingly portrayed.

A film worth seeing.

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  1. Thanks for that Mostyn. I've seen the ads about and wondered what it was all about.