Friday, 3 January 2014

A Spiritual Check-up


1 Thessalonians is good for this purpose as it is a positive letter. Paul had received a good report from Timothy (3:6) and although there were issues to address, Paul is able to record the good that he knew about and exhort them to even better things.

1. Are you persevering? 1:3.

2. Are you showing the fruit of the gospel in your life? 1:4,5.

3. Are you imitators of the apostles and of Christ? 1:6.

4. Despite afflictions, have you received the Word with the joy of the Holy Spirit? 1:6.

5. Are you an example to others? 1:7.

6. Do others speak highly of your faith? 1:8.

7. Is your conversion definite? 1:9,10.

8. Do you long for Christ’s return? 1:10.

9. Do you receive God’s Word as his Word? 2:13.

10. Have you patiently endured suffering? 2:14; 3:3,4.

11. Could a good report be given of your faith and steadfastness? 3:6-8.

12. Are you aware of what is lacking in your faith? 3:10.

13. Are you living to please God? 4:1.

14. Are you striving for sanctification, especially sexual purity? 4:3-7.

15. Are you growing in the practice of brotherly love? 4:9,10.

16. Are you aspiring to live a quiet life? 4:11,12.

17. With what confidence do you face death? 4:13-17.

18. Are you encouraging others? 4:18; 5:11.

19. Are you spiritually awake? 5:5,6.

20. What is your attitude to your spiritual leaders, especially those who preach the Word to you? 5:12,13.

21. Are you helping others to be faithful disciples? 5:14.

22. Are you always seeking the good of others, rejoicing in God and seeking his mind and will? 5:15-22.

23. Do you share God’s purpose for your life and rejoice that it will be accomplished? 5:23,24.

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