Saturday, 21 September 2013

My mother

One reason for the delay in getting back to this blog since returning from Argentina is that the day I was due to fly home, I heard from my wife that my mother had died. She passed away on the morning of 20th August, quietly, in a nursing home on the Welsh border, which had been home to her for three months.

The return home was therefore immediately taken up with funeral arrangements, and then we were off for our family holiday to south west sussex (and very enjoyable and welcome it was too, though rather short).

The Lord enabled me to take the cremation service (family only) which my mother had requested, and then a thanksgiving service at Newtown, Powys, in her home church. She was well known and had lived a very active life, and over 130 people came to the service. It was a privilege to take it and to preach the gospel at it. My sister Catrin and I are thankful for all the kindness and support of people since Mum's death and at the service.

We are thankful for Mum's life. We shall miss her. Her passing will mean changes - not radical ones, but, for example, it loosens our ties with mid Wales where for many years we have gone to visit her, and take the boys to see Nain, whom they loved. We do not want to lose touch with Wales, and I am sure we shall not; we shall not stay in her house any more, but we shall keep in touch with my sister who lives near Shrewsbury.

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